Cherie DeVille fucking in the desk with her big tits

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Tyler is Cherie DeVille‘s best student, and now that he’s on his way to college, she wants to give him not only an amazing recommendation letter, but a boost of confidence, too! And no better way to do that than to jump right in with two feet and a blowjob! Ms. DeVille is well aware that Tyler’s 18 and green, so the only way she can teach him about horny college girls is to simulate one during after hours in her classroom and fuck him! Before he can say thank you, Tyler’s thrown down in the teacher’s chair, undressed and sucked by his horny blonde educator. It’s intro to college sex, which means fucking in and on unconventional places, such as a desk in a classroom. Tyler’s so happy to be getting a free bang for no bucks before entering the higher education system that he blows his load all over Cherie’s face! (Video duration: 31 min)

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English teacher Cherie DeVille fucks her student for phys ed

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What does it take to graduate before summer hits and you enter college in the fall? Apparently, physical education! Tyler learns a harsh lesson when his English teacher Cherie DeVille tells him he won’t be walking with the other students at graduation because he didn’t complete gym. Never one for phys ed, Tyler starts freaking out about the situation until Ms. DeVille provides him with a potential solution: prove his physical mettle with her and she can sign a waiver exempting him any gym-class testing he’d have to complete to graduate. Tyler’s not so sure about it…that is, until the hot blonde teacher is up on her desk with her legs spread wide open! Will Tyler be able to perform all the licking, pumping, fucking and cumming necessary with Ms. DeVille in order to go avoid summer school? Find out! (Video duration: 35 min)

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A MILF on a Hot Summer's Day: Cherie DeVille

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It’s hot as balls outside. Codey Steele is over at his buddy Sam’s mom place, and they’re lounging outside by the pool trying to beat the heat. A perfectly innocuous day, until Sam’s mom, Cherie DeVille walks outside in her bikini. Codey’s eyes light up. She’s tan, blonde, busty, and hotter than the weather. “Come into the pool why don’t you?” she beckons. Codey just about jumps out of his seat, but Sam isn’t so keen. Codey falls into a trancelike state watching the MILF splash around in the water, her ass glistening in the sun and water splashing all over her juicy tits. And then, divine intervention. Sam leaves to take a phone call with his girlfriend, and Mrs. DeVille beckons yet again for Codey to come in like a siren. When Codey gets into the pool, Mrs. DeVille wastes no time in getting him where she wants him: pants off, dick out, ready for her to devour. (Video duration: 27 min)

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A Bit Of Cherie

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Cherie Deville woke up as sexy as ever. She had on some lace panties, and her incredible tits were freed from her see-through top. She was feeling frisky and decided to take a bath, so she could satiate the urge to play with her pussy. Cherie stripped naked, and we got a look at that nice round ass when she entered the water. Her tits looked perfect, as Cherie rubbed her pussy with a frenzy until she orgasmed. We were sure that would be enough for Cherie, but this mature lady was just getting started. When she exited the bathroom, Cherie came over to where Mick was sitting, and she dropped her towel to expose her naked body to him. He just looked at her with a huge grin and started kissing her and sucking those delicious ripe tits. He munched on that pussy until Cherie orgasmed again, and she returned the favor by giving him an incredible blow job. That got Mick super horny, so he entered Cherie’s pussy and drilled it hard in doggy style until she was satisfied. Then it was Cherie’s turn, and she rode that cock like only a truly experienced MILF could. When Mick told her he was going to cum, she waited with her tongue out until he shot a huge load into her mouth. Then she smiled and drank it down.

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Alexis Fawx 1st Lesbian Anal

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Get ready for two of the hottest blonde milfs, Alexis Fawx, and Cherie Deville, in hardcore lesbian anal action! It’s time for the stunning Alexis to get her very first lesbian anal penetration! Watch her experience this first ever, with Cherie. Taking on multiple anal positions, including face sitting and explosive anal orgasms!

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Satisfying my Step Mom

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Cherie Deville hates that her new step son has long hair. If he’s living under her roof he would have to cut it. Cherie noticed that he still hadn’t done anything about his hair. When she confronted him about it, he told her that he’d do anything in order to not cut it. So he decided that pleasuring his step mom would be a way to get out of this particular pickle. Cherie got fucked by her step-son’s cock all over their bathroom before taking a huge load all over her mouth, face, and tits.

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Good Grades

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The gorgeous milf Cherie DeVille is very proud of her stepson Brad. His grades have greatly improved since his last report card. She promised Brad that he can have anything he wanted if his grades went up. Brad asks for a lap dance. Like the ones he uses to get from her back when she was a stripper before she starts dating his father. She lets him know that since his dad is out of town he can have way more than just a lap dance. She undresses, grabs his massive cock and starts to give him a deep and sloppy blowjob. Taking his shaft right to the back of her throat and drewling all over it. She gives it all for Brad. She even stuffs her panties into her pussy before giving them to him ass a reward. She goes on by stroking his thick member between her big juicy tits. The stunning babe then turns around and sticks her pussy right in Brad’s face for him to have a taste of her sweet pink. Brad ends up releasing his nectar all over Cherie’s beautiful face.

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Her First Lesbian DP

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Super cute Aubrey Sinclair experiences her very first lesbian DP, in this Lesbian X exclusive. This is a highly anticipated 1st. Also starring blonde bombshell Anikka Albrite and Curvy Milf Cherie DeVille. These stunning babes focus on strap on DP, analingus and ass worship. Get ready for intense hardcore action at its finest!

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My Wife's Hot Friend

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Ryan can’t handle it anymore. Even since he’s been introduced to his wife’s work friend Cherie Deville, he’s wanted to fuck her brains out. And now that she’s over for a dinner party, he has no choice but to confront her about it. He finds her alone upstairs and doesn’t exactly tell her, but shows her with the big boner in his pants, how he feels about her. He’s comforted to know that she has similar feelings for him, so they decide that the only way to solve the issue is to fuck! He’s desired Cherie’s nice big tits, fat ass and beautiful legs for the longest time… now is his chance to get what he wants!

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