My Wife's Hot Friend

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Ryan can’t handle it anymore. Even since he’s been introduced to his wife’s work friend Cherie Deville, he’s wanted to fuck her brains out. And now that she’s over for a dinner party, he has no choice but to confront her about it. He finds her alone upstairs and doesn’t exactly tell her, but shows her with the big boner in his pants, how he feels about her. He’s comforted to know that she has similar feelings for him, so they decide that the only way to solve the issue is to fuck! He’s desired Cherie’s nice big tits, fat ass and beautiful legs for the longest time… now is his chance to get what he wants!

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You Can't Touch

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Cherie Deville wants to give her boyfriend an unusual treat for their 3rd anniversary, but it comes with a catch. She invites her beautiful friend Vienna Black to tease her man by performing sex acts in front of him, but when he tries to touch, she instantly forbids it, No touching. The lovely and very sexy young lady is all for her to play with, and his to only watch. It may be frustrating, but it’s sexy as hell as he gets so hard he explodes in front of the two lusty ladies, and they willingly clean up his mess with her lovely tongues.

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Dirty Wives Club

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Cherie Deville is horny at the hotel, and she always keeps her options open. That’s why she’s prepared when her husband tells her he won’t be arriving until the next morning. Not only did she already get another man’s phone number down at the bar, but she tells her husband about it. Furthermore, he encourages to call her new acquaintance and fuck the hell out of him. Cherie’s happy to oblige her husband’s hotwifing request, as it turns him on as much as it does her. She gets a random stiff dick thrusting inside of her, and he gets off hearing all about it. As a bonus, Cherie’s taking a creampie from her hotel mystery man to make the story all the juicier.

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Cherie DeVille Goes HARD

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This is no doubt one of the best gonzo scene we shot in the past few months. Watch the amazing stunning MILF Cherie Deville getting fucked really hard, and hear her scream of pleasure as she gets pounded by our stunt cock friend. Clearly the chemistry is amazing in this scene. We are going to let you judge it. Enjoy!

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Cherie DeVille Naughty Wife

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Cherie Deville is unhappy with her husband and decided to call a gigolo to satisfy her sexual needs. After a phone call, a stud shows up at Cherie’s house to fuck her real good. Watch this sexy MILF talk dirty and get fucked like there is no tomorrow. She screams and takes a huge cock in all her holes until she gets plastered with warm cum!

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Hot Wife Pays Debt with Anal

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Sexy MILF Cherie Deville has gotten in financial difficulty with her husband. They have borrowed money from a very dangerous man, and now they can’t pay it back. Cherie thinks she will be able to talk him into buying them some more time. When she arrives, he tells her and her husband that there’s only one way he will give her what she wants. Her ass is spanked until it is red raw while her husband listens on the phone, before she is taken upstairs where the spanking continues. He eats out her ass first, and after she slobbers and gags over his big dick, and he services her super wet pussy, making her cum, he lets her know her ass is what he is really craving… She’s never been fucked in the ass before, but she will do anything she needs to. Soon, he’s banging her tight hole hard and making her pussy bulge as he does it! When she rides him, her ass is stretched wide open and it creams all over his dick. He finishes by banging her butt from behind, and depositing his load straight over her face. Debt paid.

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